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Best Mobile Games You Can Sideload On Your Phone

SideQuest is an app that allows you to sideload tons of games onto your Oculus Quest 2. The following is a list of the best games you can sideload on your phone.

Keep in mind that sideloading from SideQuest is safe, and there are no legal issues or weird things to worry about even though some selections may appear too good to be true! While some games from Oculus Store require payment, the majority of them are free.

Gorilla Tag

Gorilla TagThings don’t get any easier than this, and amid all the popularity and impressive VR games that are popping up these days, there’s something invigorating about this game.

Dating back to the 90s, Tag has been around for some time now. In this multiplayer game, a player is ‘it’ and tries to catch other players and pass it on. The game also has the ‘Infection’ mode that allows four or more players who eventually become ‘it’ and everyone is chasing the last remaining player.

The uniqueness of Gorilla Tag is that just like a gorilla, you use the momentum from your arms to move around. This neat sequence also gives the game a learning curve in addition to the excitement of playing.


Our list of the best mobile games to sideload would not be complete without online casino games, and one such is 888Casino.

Having been around since the late 90s, 888Casino has stood the test of time, outshined rivals to become one of the most sought-after gambling dens on the internet.

It achieves this feat by being extremely reliable and providing quality gambling which is fun for all, including seasoned and new players alike.
To add, 888Casino provides a vast array of themed gaming options for players itching to try something new and different.

The game also offers a plethora of promotions, rewards, and deals daily. One of the biggest attractions to this platform is the endless list of fun and engaging games you can play in a secure and efficient environment. You can play and practice for as long as you want before you can start using real money.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Return to Castle WolfensteinAnother incredible game by DrBeef, the same developer who gave us VR versions of great games like Half-life and Doom, and he’s done it again with a stone-cold masterpiece: Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

This Nazi and zombie shooter game comes with dynamic aiming, motion controls, and many features you would expect in a top-notch VR game. The only drawback to this classic is that it doesn’t have a multiplayer mode, although many fans would assert that, no game can have it all!

Jackpot City Casino

Providing the ultimate mobile casino gambling experience through immersive sounds, superb graphics, and gameplay, Jackpot City Casino excels above many when it comes to offering the fun and excitement players yearn for.

With well over 300 slots at your disposal, attractive bonus offerings, and a jackpot prize that rises by the second, there are just too many reasons to give this platform a go.

If you’re looking for the best Android casino game, Jackpot City Casino is a good option to try.

Ultras Fighter

Ultras FighterThere are quite a few games that are as intense as smashing your way past virtual foes in VR, and with Ultras Fighter you need to play it to understand. This game plays right into excitement, tossing you into an arena where you’ll be smashing up bad guys with your hands.

There are plenty of modes like boss fights, Bullet Time, and other brutal weapons like artillery, grappling hooks, and swords. For a free game, it lives beyond many expectations.


Although the list of games to sideload is virtually endless, these are by far some of the best games to try.


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