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Best Social Features In Gaming To Meet New People

Best Social Features in GamingConsole and PC gaming have traditionally had strong communities. And mobile casino gaming – not that much.

However, the last few years have seen a tremendous change. Social features have become a major trend in mobile game markets.

The following are some of the best social features in games to help you meet new people. Check them out and know how to use them as well as why they are popular.

Social Features in Mobile Gaming

It is without say that many gamers love to show off their skill, progress, compete with others, take on challenges and be part of a like-minded community.

Game developers that most good casinos use are aware of this, and they are constantly adding more social features to their games to attract players and increase their competitive advantage.

In-Game Chat

The first thing that pops up when you think about in-game socializing is chats.

In-game chats allow players to interact in one place. This feature allows you to communicate with other players using text messages and emotes. An example is the Chat feature on PUBG Game where you can send messages like, “enemy”, ”Turn on voice chat”, and “help”, to communicate with other players without losing any focus while playing.

This is one way in which in-game chats help players connect or socialize and collaborate with other players.

Social Media Connection

In this modern era, each time you launch a game, you get the option to connect your account with popular social media networks. For example; continue with Google, Apple, Facebook, or play as a guest.

Social media connection allows players to invite friends, share in-game content, track other players’ progress, and more.

Send/Ask for Help

When a player gets stuck in a game, they always don’t have to watch ads or make in-app purchases. Sometimes all they just have to do is ask other players for help.

Co-Op Modes

Sometimes playing games alone can get boring, not to mention lonely as well.

On the top side, playing with others can keep you engaged and entertained for much longer. For this reason, include cooperative team play in your game and enjoy with others.


If the game you’re playing contains any competitive elements, including leaderboards is a good idea. Leaderboards rank individual players based on their in-game progress and achievements.


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