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Latin American Themed Games You Can Play Now

With an online gaming market worth over $3.5 billion, Latin America is making its mark on the global stage. As more people seek alternative ways to keep them engaged and entertained especially post Covid-19, Latin American themed games have attracted hordes of players, not only in Latin America but also from across the world.

Latin American online games span a wide range of niches from hundreds of Spanish and Portuguese tutorials, adventure games, thousands of free casino games, and lots more.

The following games are worth checking out for the ultimate Latin gaming experience.

Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Stud PokerSince its debut back in the 1990s this card game has become one of the most popular games in the world, loved and enjoyed by multitudes. In addition, many variations have been added to the game over the last few years including the likes of Texas Hold ‘Em, Seven Card Stud. O, and Five Card Draw.

One particular variation that has become extremely popular in recent times is Caribbean Poker. It is loved by thousands of players in Latin America mostly because of the bonus offerings, quick payouts, great customer support, and its ability to accept different payment methods.

Neon Jungle

Neon Jungle SlotIf you’re looking for a fairly modern Latin outfit, try the Neon Jungle slot game. The game combines Rio de Janeiro’s skyscrapers and bright lights with the Amazon Jungle. The 20-line, 5-reel slot allows players to soak up the best of manmade Brazil and its natural elements as well as native creatures like butterflies, parrots, and frogs.

Neon Jungle is a great and uniquely designed game that’s fun to play. Visuals are appealing and crisp and there’s a constant drumbeat playing in the background for players to enjoy their time in the perfect mood.

League of Legends (LoL)

League of LegendsDespite being released back in 2009, this multiplayer battle arena has remained very popular. LoL is one of the most popular games in Brazil and Chile. In the game, two teams of 5 players each compete against each other to complete a task. The task normally involves destroying the opposite’s team “Nexus” which is located in the middle of a team’s base. However, some game modes have different tasks. Each player takes the role of a “champion”, an individual with special abilities.

League of Legends isn’t only popular with players, but it’s also watched online by some 100 million people watching League of Legends World Championships.

World of Warcraft (WoW)

World of WarcraftA multiplayer online video game was first released in 2004, and although it has significantly dropped in global popularity it’s still enjoyed by millions and is the most popular game in Bolivia.

WoW takes place in Azeroth with players choosing their character avatar. These characters can either be members of the “Alliance” or the “Horde” factions. The faction players choose will depend on the character’s race they choose like Human, Orc, Goblin, or Dwarf with up to 20 characters to choose from. Players will also need to choose classes of their characters such as Mage, Hunter, or Warrior. The class chosen determines the powers and abilities the character possesses as well as the armor and weapons they can use.

In the game, players are required to complete several quests which help improve their character’s abilities and strengths. Players can spend a long time exploring WoW.


FIFA17Developed by EA Sports this game continues to enjoy widespread success mainly in Uruguay and Mexico, and with good reason as Latin America is a football continent. FIFA 17 is part of the sports simulation category of online games. Graphics, comments, and different levels and tournaments are just some of the perks that make it popular.

Latin American-themed games are fun and suitable for beginners. There’s an endless list of them to be drawn up in one article. Most games offer multiple language options making it easy for anyone to play.


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