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Snapchat Releases Gambling Content Opt-Out

Snapchat Releases Gambling Content Opt-out The recent move by the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) on regulating gambling ads on Snapchat has given users more control over the ads. The BGC and Snapchat have collaborated in giving UK Snap users more control over the adverts they see.

This was after the BGC embarked on measures that will reduce the exponential rise of online gambling activities, especially in the younger generation. These measures were incorporated in the sixth edition of the Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising. It will require any sponsored or paid-for social media ad to target users aged 25 and above or unless the platform provides proof that the ads will target those over 18 years consumers.

The BGC chief executive, Michael Dugher, stated that the measures were enacted to upgrade the standards and regulate the industry. He also stated that this was a positive move and urged other social media platforms to embrace opting out of viewing betting adverts. The move was influenced by the fact that safe gambling is important in maintaining a responsible community and the usage of social media platforms. Dugher projected that if there was no regulation in this industry, it would follow the online black market’s path, which lacks any player protection.

Snapchat UK General Manager Ed Couchman also made several statements regarding the move. He stated that it is a great approach to design measures that will influence the type of adverts that the UK Snapchat users view. He also added that “ it’s fantastic to roll this change out, and we’re grateful to have partners in the BGC who are doing vital work to ensure this industry continues to grow and evolve with consumers at heart.

The coordination between the BGC and Snapchat has also led to other platforms considering the implementation of various measures. For instance, Google also stated that it will not endorse any ads related to gambling, politics, drug prescriptions, or election on its YouTube platform. These rules were instantly implemented and incorporated into their YouTube advertiser terms of service.

Before BGC and Snap came to this agreement, they had been working closely for over a year. This has brought a responsible functionality in the usage of social media platforms as users have more control over what adverts they see. This is especially because Snapchat is a picture-sharing platform and is greatly influenced by ads.

After implementing these codes, the edition states that gambling adverts appearing on search engines must comply with the stated regulations. In addition, they must also conform to safer gambling messaging.

This has also stretched to the YouTube platform as users will be required to use age-verified accounts to see any gambling ads. It was not a one-time action, as BGC members will frequently post responsible gambling messages on their Twitter accounts. This will ensure that everyone is on their toes and every implemented rule is followed to the letter.

This shows how serious the BGC members are in regulating betting for the wellness of the community. Dugher uplifted the seriousness of the matter by contacting the UK government and other prominent online platforms and convinced them to work closely with the BGC and protect minors from being harmed by gambling-related content.


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