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What is the Role of a Casino Game Developer?

Gamers often get to enjoy the fruits of peoples’ labor without fully understanding everything that went into producing a game. Developers are often busy working behind the scenes to make casino games (and other games) as good and error-free as they can be, but sometimes we take this for granted. This crucial role is one of the reasons why there are so many different games available and people can log in and play from wherever they are. Developers are coding magicians in their own way, and we’ll explore some of the aspects of the role below.

Taking Old Games and Modernizing Them

Console games may involve a team of people working on the actual concept for the game, as well as the developers working on the game itself. Casino gaming is often a little bit different, though. Consider the fact that a lot of games have existed for hundreds of years, and the developers just need to take this concept and make it playable online.

Roulette is a game that has been around for hundreds of years and has seen a revolution in terms of how it is played. No longer exclusive to in-person casinos, developers have taken the concept of roulette and turned it into a game that can be played online. People who play roulette online will know that there are even variations of the game. As well as European and American roulette, we see some modern tweaks and varieties in the game.

Roulette has been online in some form since the 1990s, but even in this time the technology driving online games has changed a lot. Flash games used to be the standard, but as time has gone on, more and more coding evolutions have meant that HTML5 has become more widely used. Developers need to be on the cusp of this new technology to make sure they are creating games that people want to play and that work on modern devices. HTML5 is so popular for that exact reason, most modern devices run this language with no problem at all, and can quickly transition from iOS to Android, for instance. This means casinos can be accessed on the go from pretty much any device.

Poker is another game that has been largely modernized to allow people to play on an online interface rather than in person. Online interfaces are visual representations of the game people can access that look like they are playing at a casino table.

Casino Stock ScreensInventing New Games

As well as the option to take interesting older games and put them into an online platform, developers may have the ability to create brand new casino games for people to play, or at least varieties on casino themes.

Developers are a creative group and this is a way for them to showcase this creativity. New games launch in the industry all the time, some being exclusive to certain platforms while others are not exclusive, and are playable at multiple online casinos.

Big teams can be involved in these games besides developers. We’re not just talking about people tapping away writing code, we’re also talking about things like the ability these companies have in terms of art departments and music departments. Creativity is a big part of gaming, and there are many different skillsets involved in making a casino game.

Skills to Be a Developer

What sort of skills are required for those who want to be developers and work in the industry on creating video games or casino games?

Troubleshooting the code is something all developers need to do at some point. Code can be complex and sometimes there are hiccups on the journey to build the perfect casino game. Developers have an eye for detail and spotting this kind of little issue to polish the game.

Technical minds are very useful for those who want to work in the industry. Knowledge of coding languages is something that many people in the industry have, but not all people – there are those working in the business that have other skills such as art (games need graphics and artwork) or music (there are many games with soundtracks or even sound effects).

Developers are often from very technical backgrounds and have studied to a high level, but there are exceptions to this, especially people who are working independently to create top casino games.


Developers are always beavering away behind the scenes in order to build something great for the casino brands to offer. More games than ever exist at the top casino sites, with new launches virtually every single week. Even players with no ambition to work in the industry may be keen to learn a bit about what goes into game development. How are casino games built and what is the process before they hit our screens?

Author: Leo Wilson
My name is Leo and I am a contributing author at Casino Gorilla. Over the years, I have developed a love for online gaming. I have spent many hours sitting in land casinos and traveling to different venues. The first time I gambled online, it was love at first spin and I haven’t looked back since.
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